Definition of wage exists in a variety of relevant Turkish laws and regulations. Article 32 of Turkish labor law defines wage as;

“Wage is, in general terms, the amount of money to be paid in cash by an employer or by a third party to a person in return for work performed by him.”

More detailed definition of wage is given under the article 61 of the law no: 193 on Income Tax Law. Accordingly, wage is defined as;

“Wage is a benefit provided by cash in kind and cash, represented by cash, in return for services performed by employees registered and subject to an employer. It does not change the true nature of wage by paying it under the names of indemnity, allowance, cash compensation (Financial Liability Indemnity), allocation, increment, advance, remuneration, attendance fee, premium, bonus, in return of an expense or determined by a particular percent of revenue provided not to have the attribute of a partnership. ”