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Draft Paper for the First Euroacademia Global Conference Europe Inside-Out: Europe and Europeaness Exposed to Plural Observers, Vienna, 22 – 24 September 2011 European Union today stands on her continent as one of the most amazing human projects of the world. At the same time Europe, as the cradle of modern democracies has long been laid [...]


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Dominant firms are, if not exaggeratedly, regarded as Trojan horses within the EC competition law that should be searched closely.  Even their right to choose their customers, their freedom to cooperate with their competitors are under heavy scrutiny from the competition law for the purpose of existence of competition. Although competition in essence tend to create [...]

Arsenal V. Reed Case

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VICTORY TROUGH HARMONY! This well known slogan of the Arsenal F.C. came into reality after contradictory judgements of the European Court of Justice and English High Court through ECJ’s interpretation of harmonized European Trademark law. The Arsenal Court, with its historical judgement rather than providing a clarification to the case before it, bring out many crucial [...]


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Public procurement regime of the European Union is regulated by two sets of directives.[1] These secondary legislations are intended to be detailed and sufficient[2] regulatory tools in the fields of public procurement in EC in order to [o]pen up public procurement.[3] EC treaty rules on the other hand largely relevant within the pubic procurement. The major [...]


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Capital Punishment, its morality, constitutionality and more importantly its functionality is subject to centuries old academic debates. Literature on arguments for and against capital punishment has vast resources and defenses from moral and religious arguments to statistical and economic arguments. From human right concerns to moral, ethical, religious oppositions to the capital punishment, from discrimination to [...]


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  ARTICLE 15 OF THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS "The European Convention on Human Rights, as well as its interpretation by the Strasbourg bodies, is so riven with exceptions, derogations and state 'get-outs' that the protection afforded by it has been far inferior to what one would have anticipated at its inception."   INTRODUCTION Individual rights are [...]

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